Friday, February 3, 2012

Funny Emails I Get

Sometimes you get very funny emails when you run a business.  For example, this week at EquinArt Creations, my company selling artist resin model horses and equine art for artists, I got an email from a company in China. They sell raw materials and wanted to sell me "gum rosin." I don't know if their translation software broke or is "artist resin" and "gum rosin" look or sound alike in Chinese, but I laughed myself silly over that one. Gum rosin is used by violinists (rosin up the bow!), flamenco dancers and others for its slippery qualities. It looks sort of like a block of amber in its raw state.  I can just imagine making an Artist Resin out of it....maybe we could call it the Blob when it melts into a sticky pile of goo?

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