Monday, December 26, 2011

Tiny Treasures Collecting Micro Mini Model Horses

Tiny Treasures - Collecting Micro Mini Model Horses, my new book for model horse collectors, is now available!  You can order your printed copies in color or black and white, or download the eBook.

I hope you enjoy it!

I wanted to publicly thank the following people for their help and support in making this book happen -

  • Katrina Michaels, for the how-to articles
  • Candace Liddy - what can I say? Not only is she one of the best equine artists in the world, she is also an incredibly generous person. Candace dug out her prototypes for the original Creata micro mini line of model horses (now the Breyer Mini Whinnies) and took photos of them, painstakingly labeling them for me.  She is a friend and a generous person.  Thank you Candace!
  • Kollean Gouyton - Kollean shares her photos SO generously. Thank you Kollean!
  • Maggie Bennett, Donna Sundlbad (for the encouragement) and so many collectors who urged me to update the original book.
Tiny Treasures: Collecting Micro Mini Model Horses is fulfilled by my publisher, Lulu.  Visit EquinArt Creations and click the button for the book you are interested in.  You can see a preview on their site and buy it there.

My micro minis...Artist Resins by Maggie Bennett, painted by Kollean Gouyton.

Breyer Mini Whinnies.

Another of my micro minis...he is less than half an inch tall

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