Thursday, August 4, 2011

Knowing the Value of Breyer Models

Antique Mall Find
Knowing the values and identifying Breyer horse models is an important skill, as I recently learned on my "staycation." My sister visited and stayed with me for several days, and since we both enjoy antiques, we went antiquing. We visited two large local antique malls, she on her quest to find salt and pepper shakers for our other sister, and me looking for Carnival glass, Depression glass, and horse models.

I was soon rewarded on our first stop by the sight of two Breyers on a vendor table. There was the Traditional scale Breyer action stock horse foal and the bay Running Foal. Both had seen better days. The ASF was the matte chestnut Appaloosa released in the early 1990s, and he was quite yellowed and dirty looking. The bay running foal was the usual bay color produced seemingly forever, and he had some nasty scratches on the barrel. I'd put both in the "remake" category.  The vendor price tag? $8 bucks each. Mint value on the Appy action stock horse foal is about $13 and bay Running Foal is about the same.  I passed.

At the next antique mall, however, I hit the jackpot.  There were two Breyers there also. One was in one of my all time favorite molds, the Foundation Stallion, and the other was a Paddock Pal Morgan. I passed up the Morgan. He was in that clinky early 1990s brittle plastic that I can't stand, plus he was beat to heck and back from some child's overactive imagination.  The 1988-1991 American Indian Pony, as the matte fleabitten gray horse model is called, is worth $24 mint condition, and a close inspection of this particular model revealed only one tiny factory flaw on the hip. I snatched him up for the bargain price of $6.

This just goes to show you that you need to know the value of Breyer horse models if you plan to collect and find them at yard sales and antique malls. I love the Breyer Animal Collector's Guide for the pictures alone, but it really has helped me just get a good idea of the ballpark price range for most Breyers.  I've taken special note of molds that I collect, like the Foundation Stallion, so that I know about what to pay for mint condition models and I can adjust from there.

I'm happy with my purchase, shown here today. All in all, I'd say it was a great day antiquing!

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  1. This is something I wish my husband had seen in 2005 for our 1st Christmas together. He bought me 3 models;
    Glossy Appaloosa running foal fair condition very yellowed

    Classic Andy Mare, very beat up rubbed, remake quality

    SR stablemate arab stallion in buckskin. very very bad condition.

    He paid over 100.00 for the 3 of them at an antique store because someone thought Breyers were worth so much and poor hubby didn't know any better. Now a days he skips the antique stores for fear of being taken and goes straight for MIB at the retailers.