Monday, August 30, 2010

Because It's All About Pierre

I'm a huge animal lover. I own a dog named Shadow and a huge gray tabby cat named Pierre.  Pierre was born in a lawnmower repair shop behind an old man's house in Farmville.  He is the most common cat imaginable, so we gave him a fancy French name...and he's become locally a bit famous. A photo I took of Pierre under the Christmas tree was featured in the local newspaper. He sleeps in the supply closet here in my office; his alternative spot, in the afternoon when the sun comes in, is on top of the printer.  He also runs up and bites me while I type if his food bowl is empty and has developed a new habit of laying on the desk, leaning over, and pawing the keyboard until he hits an "F" key...which opens windows on the computer that do weird things. He likes watching things move on the screen and remembers that if he taps the keyboard, something changes on the screen. I'm hoping that if I leave him alone long enough he'll write the great American novel.

So it was just for kicks that when Candace Liddy said she'd custom paint her new Kermit kitty to match my chestnut Red Fox....I sent her photos of Pierre.

The box arrived. I opened it up and there was a smashing portrait of...Pierre.

Because really, it's all about Pierre.  See for yourself. Here's an image of the master himself, the enormous junkyard cat with the fancy name....and Candace's lovely portrait for me.

THANK YOU CANDACE LIDDY.  I absolutely adore my new resin set.

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